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Chemical Emissions

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Cleopatra
Format: CD compilation

Track List:
  1. Am I Wrong (An Eye For The Main Chance)
  2. Bring Me Down (Cimmerian)
  3. To Leave Behind No More (Shadow)
  4. & We Call Unto You (Darkness & Light)
  5. Sacred To Me (Nothing)
  6. Don't Turn Away (If Only And Sometimes)
  7. From This Day Forward (Chapter And Verse)
  8. Pulled Apart By This (Hiding In Waiting)
  9. Just More Of The Same (Keeping Secrets)
  10. I Can't Forgive (Subterfuge)
Hidden Bonus tracks:
  1. Heart And Soul
  2. Adrenaline
  3. Living On The Ceiling
  4. Friends And Executioners
  5. Plastic Toy
  6. Spaceman
Live... in a controlled environment. Recorded in the studio, tracks remixed based on the live arrangements and instrumentation evolved from versions preformed circa 96/97.


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