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On The Side Of Angels

Year of Release: 1993
Label: Expression
Format: CD

Track List:
  1. Cimmerian
  2. If Only And Sometimes
  3. Chapter And Verse
  4. Leave Me For Dead (Chapter 1)
  5. Leave Me For Dead (Chapter 2)
  6. If Only And Sometimes (Turn Away Mix)
  7. An Eye For The Main Chance
  8. Darkside
  9. Adrenaline (Mainline Mix)
  10. Adrenaline (Xenophobe Mix)
  11. Adrenaline (Deadline Mix)
  12. Sense Of Purpose (Omegaddon Mix)
  13. The Witch (Remix Edit)
  14. The Witch (Remix Extended)
  15. The Witch (Extended Mix)
  16. Come Hell Or High Water
Compilation of all the singles released to date.


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