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Darkness And Light

These lyrics have been transcribed by ear and as such they may contain mistakes. All omissions are shown. If you know the correct lyrics please get in touch so the necessary amendments can be made.

Where shadows cast no reflection
The greatest will ----?
To paralyse with knowing eyes
You feed me lies or pure infections
To bear this soul
Uplift my spirit, break my fall
To understand an open mind
To close your eyes and ----?

And we call unto you in hour of need
For the power to posses the power to succeed
For it scares me to death
These visions I see
Casting doubt on my faith - doubt over me
Give me sacred words to sow the seeds
And brother ----?
For all your prayers you shall receive
The answer that lies in between
This darkness and light

Darkness and light

Always there and proud of this
To turn away to sadly miss
The strength that binds you control
To lift my spirit - heart and soul
Embrace it all to capture time
You knew the words you knew the signs
Don't say to me to never change
Continue this and feel the same...


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