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Something Strange

To call heaven as a witness
To bear resistance to tell it not in gath
Misguided and bewildered - clouded in the past
Weighed in the balance - and found wanting
It can be daunting - intemperate to the last
No sackcloth and ashes for me I'm lost to shame
Put to death my honour these are lonely days

From time to time, now and when this time is mine
I surrender I need a change, the things we give for
Something strange - something strange...

Under the rose - behind the veil
Confessions fall and the truth prevails
A tissue of falsehoods distorted and disguised
Surreptitious evidence - dust in my eyes
The feast of reason and the flow of the soul
Words that burn and thoughts that glow

Conjuring up - so don't look down
Tempted to look back - laying hands down
Laying hands down...


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