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These lyrics have been transcribed by ear and as such they may contain mistakes. All omissions are shown. If you know the correct lyrics please get in touch so the necessary amendments can be made.

Strangely I feel the same as I did so many times before
Regret this thing - redefine
From time to time burns more and more
One virtue that disappears
A child-like innocence abdominal tear
For suspicious minds - cold as hearts
Room for revenge and ripped apart

Something's put this weight upon me
Something that supersedes
I feel I've lost all reason
I feel I've lost it all

I can see two ways it hurts deep down
A circle waltz going round and around
I step from myself look inside
I don't like what I see I'm gonna collide
With you and you - its wrong I know
That this heart stays and two must go
This disease we share takes a piece each hour
If you've got the answer I've got the power

I'll bury myself deep inside your mind
These thoughts of yours such a narrow line
Between what I want and what you perceive
To be the only what forward
Never look back just believe

Well I'm tired now so I'll dream a while
If you could meet me on the other side
To walk in my arms hold hand in hand
Decision time - time to make a stand

Make a stand...


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