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Introduction: Menthol has long been an important flavorant in tobacco products, and both its historical and present uses are topics of increasing debate. Howard Black on the use of commercially available stereoisomers of menthol to il- lustrate properties of enantiomers and diastereomers (pages. JCE Featured Molecules for July includes structures of all eight stereoisomers of menthol. Menthol has long been an important flavorant in tobacco products, Menthol can exist in eight different stereoisomeric forms (as four. This study provides the first openly available measurements regarding the stereoisomeric forms of menthol as found in selected United States. Since menthol has three chiral centers (asymmetric carbons), structure (1) is one of eight stereoisomers. These isomers can be grouped in two sets of four. The stereoisomer (−)-menthol, followed by (+)-menthol, were the most active compounds in the inhibition of fumonisin B1 (FB1) biosynthesis. The. We examined these two menthol stereoisomers for their ability to upregulate α4β2 nAChRs and to. 42 alter dopamine neuron firing frequency. arvensis; the compound is also produced synthetically. It is a monocyclic terpene alcohol, which occurs as four pairs of optical isomers: (+)- and (–)-menthol. The three chiral centers of menthol result in eight different stereoisomers, of which the (-)-enantiomers are depicted in Figure 1.


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