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As the 20th century began, interest in the potential of life on Mars and the possible civilizations there lead to a search for signals. In the early 19th century, astronomer Joseph Johann Von Littrow proposed we light the Sahara desert on fire to send a message to alien. There are multiple independent organizations and individuals engaged in CETI research; the generic application of abbreviations. A few years ago, this notion seemed farfetched; today, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is taken for granted by most scientists. Even the staid. Despite decades of sending sounds and pictures into space no aliens have responded. Have we been doing it wrong? Tracey Logan investigates. One of the purposes was to send a message to extraterrestrials who might find the spacecraft as the spacecraft journeyed through interstellar space. Is mankind alone in the universe? Or are there somewhere other intelligent beings looking up into their night sky from very different worlds and asking the. Astronomers must verify that the signal cannot originate from radio interference on Earth or some natural emission mechanism. Terrestrial. Whatever the UFO report says, it's time to set some rules for talking to extraterrestrials. In September , NASA launched Voyager I from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The craft carried a golden record that contained a message to.


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